Seabacs Blog Banner shows a photo of a boat with an inflatable purple octopus tethered to the top of a boat from the Queen City Yacht Club. Club members are sitting along the edge of the boat dressed as mermaids as part of the 2015 Seattle Opening Day theme of Myths and Monsters. The seabed's logo banner is flanked by the text: Seabacs 2015 Blog. A summary of general club news and local to global boating news of interest. The Seabacs Newsletter. A monthly summary of club activities and information for Boeing members only.
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Seabacs 2015 Blog

Welcome to the Seabacs Blog!

This is where we compile all sorts of things related to recreational pleasure boating here in the Pacific Northwest, across the U.S. and Canada, and around the world.

If you have an article or some ideas on what type of stories you’d like to see, drop us a line via email to

We hope you’ll visit often as we add more stories¬†and fun features.

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Seabacs photo shows a line of boats rafted up for Seattle Opening Day in the sunshine on Lake Washington, many dressed in swim suits. The headline reads: Water Safety Warnings: Warm temperatures and cold water prove deadly mix. Click the bell or anywhere on the banner to go to the story.
Seabacs Blog link banner shows a video screenshot of a multi-agency rescue drill as members of the U.S. Coast Guard and local responders pull people from the water and lay them down by a red Pacific County Fire Department rescue van. The headline reads: Surf Rescue Drill: U.S. Coast Guard and area responders drill near Long beach. Click on the bell or anywhere on the banner to go to the blog post.
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